Why Your Website Should be Responsive

The internet has the power to connect billions of people together on a global scale and that’s truly a wonderful thing. Over 3 billion people use the internet – think of the people your website can reach! But it is important to remember that not all of those users are accessing the internet from a laptop or a desktop computer.

Have you ever accessed a website from your smart phone and had a terrible experience? Google says 61% of users are not likely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% will visit a competitor’s site instead (McKinsey & Company).

What is a responsive website? Responsivesite

A responsive website automatically adapts to its environment. It responds to the screen it’s being viewed on. So no matter what size the user’s screen is, the website will look exactly as it’s intended to.


Advantages of having a responsive website

One awesome version is all you need – The first advantage of switching over to a responsive design is that you no longer need to have different versions of your website for mobile/computer. A single link will work perfectly for each and every single device out there.

Whether the user has a 4 inch smartphone, a 10 inch tablet or a 40 inch monitor, your website will look as elegant and perfect as always!

User experience is key – It is a fact that website user experience is one of the major factors determining whether or not visitors return to a site. Sales are also impacted by user-experience. When having a not-so-great experience on a site, how many times have you abandoned a shopping cart? Too many times to count for me.

Why would someone return to a site that isn’t easy to navigate and doesn’t adjust to their device? Unless your services are perfectly unique and you have virtually no competition on the web (which is highly doubtful), user experience is something that should be a key priority.

With a responsive site, it won’t matter if a visitor rotates his phone or tablet from portrait to landscape, or switches devices completely, your website will transform itself to match the new orientation without issue!

Future-Proof – Having a well-designed responsive website saves you from the hassle of making major future updates on the website itself. As long as you are satisfied with the general look and feel, minor changes are not a problem. And as people start browsing your site on new devices like glasses or watches or things that haven’t even been invented yet, your site will respond appropriately and your site will remain as fabulous as ever!

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