Why You Should Use a Recruitment Firm to Land Your Next IT Position

While you may have heard of or worked with recruiting firms in the past, there are several benefits to working with a recruiter in your specific industry. For one thing, you can leverage that expertise to help you locate quality IT positions that may not even be advertised on the open market. Inside knowledge is not the only way recruiters add value to your professional search, however. Below are four of the best reasons to engage a recruitment firm before your next IT job search.

  1. Industry professionals understand your key terms and skill set. In general, recruiters cannot be fluent in numerous industries’ lingo. In the IT sphere in particular, it is critical to work with a recruiter who understands your skill set and professional language. By working with an IT recruiter, you can harness that industry knowledge to help you identify potential employers who may have a particular need for your experience. You can also rest assured that an IT recruiter will effectively communicate your professional background to target employers.
  2. Recruiters can get you a higher salary. One of the single best reasons to use a recruitment firm is that it will simplify your salary negotiations and help you maximize your earning potential. An IT recruiter is also an incredibly reliable source for compensation trends. If you have expertise with specific platforms or niche products, an IT recruiter can help you understand what those skills are truly worth in your market.
  3. You could use a second set of eyes. Another benefit to working with a recruiter is the added layer of scrutiny over your resume and professional portfolio. Recruiters have seen hundreds of resumes; they can quickly spot glaring errors and even help you adjust the layout and language. An IT recruiter can also show you samples of field-specific resumes that obey specific conventions of your industry.
  4. You can spend your time more productively. Job searches take an incredible amount of time and energy. You could easily spend hours and days just searching for available positions, much less tailoring your resume and composing cover letters or cold-calling potential employers. A recruiter can help shoulder the administrative burden, allowing you to focus your energies more strategically—on developing your current skills, and on prepping for solid employment leads. Apart from giving you more time, this distribution of labor will also ensure that you do not become bogged down by job search fatigue.

Working with a recruiter is a great way to simplify your job search and maximize results. In addition to producing tangible results like a higher salary and a more impressive job title, it is the intangible result that may ultimately be the most appealing; working with a recruiter means having an ally and an advisor. That interpersonal benefit translates not only into better job prospects but also into higher confidence and lower stress for you.

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Mindy Mihajlov, Manager of Technical Recruiting

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