What Can Enterprise Mobility Mean for Your Business?

Dan Siemon is the founder of Go Green Paperless Initiative, CREDO’s partner in providing innovative mobile solutions.

Enterprise Mobility can be a game-changer for businesses of any size. Think about it. Mobile is everywhere. We’ve become tied to mobile devices for entertainment, communicating, sharing, purchasing and interacting.

And not only is mobile changing how we do things in our personal lives, but it is disrupting business as well. It is changing the way people buy and the way we work, and businesses know they must adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape.

According to a recent report, 70 percent of businesses think that having an enterprise mobility strategy in place over the next 12 months is a high or critical priority.

What does Enterprise Mobility mean?

The term Enterprise Mobility (EM) refers not only to mobile workers and mobile devices, but also to the Enterprise_mobility_imagemobility of corporate data. Enterprise mobility changes the way businesses interact with their employees (B2E), with other businesses (B2B), and with their customers (B2C).

Being a truly mobile enterprise is much more than just having a mobile application. It is the rethinking of processes, procedures, services, activities, objectives and any other function that is at the core of your business. It is creating a platform that allows all systems and processes to work together seamlessly in one collaborative mobile ecosystem.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility

Collaboration – EM allows for greater collaboration across all departments and divisions. No more siloes! Whether it be the factory floor, the retail floor, your division in another state or country, or a field worker on the road, team members have the ability to use a device from wherever they are to access and capture data. As a mobile enterprise, your team members are able to access, collaborate and contribute like never before.

Employee Productivity/Satisfaction – According to a study from Verizon Wireless, 60.6% of respondents said that mobile technology has increased their efficiency on the job.

EM truly has the ability to provide real value for employees. Added to the benefit of real-time collaboration, applications can automate regular tasks to increase efficiency. When employees have the resources they need to be efficient AND they are offered the flexibility of being more mobile, they take more pride in their role and in their company, satisfaction increases, they are more engaged, and they have a better overall work/life balance. Ultimately this translates into stronger employee loyalty and better customer service. As a result of having happier, more productive employees, you are able to attract and retain better talent!

Data can be managed from anywhere – A key benefit of being a mobile enterprise is the elimination of boundaries when it comes to managing your data. Furthermore, by introducing more efficient processes, the integrity of your data is enhanced. Whatever line of business you are in, you are most likely managing large amounts of information. Whether you are dealing with work orders, inventory tracking, client information, financial data & sales transactions, etc., mobility allows you to consolidate, mobilize and secure your data, so that you are able to access it and make changes in real-time from any device.

Increased customer satisfaction – Customer service is the key to many businesses and customers can benefit significantly from their experiences with a truly mobile enterprise. It might be through an app or through a customer service rep – or even a social worker.

When employees have access to all of the information they need, they are better equipped to provide the best possible service, including faster response times and customer issue resolution.

Mobility can also be integrated with your CMS and loyalty programs to help your team create positive experiences for customers and potential customers. With business intelligence at their fingertips, team members are better prepared for upselling and offering unique and more personalized opportunities.

By integrating with your billing system, team members can generate billing information, retrieve payment information and create invoices in real-time. Do your customers have the ability to make mobile payments? Mobile payments are experiencing a momentous growth rate right now and if your company expects to remain competitive, mobile payments should be in your future.

Customer-facing apps can provide an increased sense of professionalism and the higher level of service that technologically savvy customers have come to expect.

Process efficiency & improvement = reduced costs – For most businesses, improved efficiency and increased productivity translates into significant cost savings. By eliminating outdated processes, accuracy of the data is improved, your company pays for less employee down-time and business intelligence is captured in real-time.

One of our very favorite benefits of mobility is that it is the key to going paperless. Mobile solutions can transform old redundant processes and paper forms into more efficient, environmentally-friendly and secure processes. And naturally, your organization realizes the added benefit of eliminating a dependency on paper and ink, which in turn cuts more costs.

Competitive Edge – To remain competitive in today’s ever-changing environment, organizations need to stay on point with keeping costs at a minimum, growing revenue and simultaneously building customer loyalty. Faster access to critical, up-to-date information can lead to better decision-making.

A well-designed mobility strategy is also fluid and can scale quickly, allowing your business to grow without the need for large investments in hardware, licenses and IT support.

Businesses know that it is critical to provide both customers and employees with the information and interactions they need, when and where they need it. If you have questions about mobility or how to begin developing your mobile business strategy, we are here to help!


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