This Year’s Top IT Skills

It’s a good time to be a “tech” professional! Information Technology unemployment is currently at 2.4% versus the overall workforce at 4.9%.

More and more businesses are investing in Information Technology and the demand for certain skills continues to be fierce. Another longer-term trend to keep in mind is the idea that IT workers are no longer as isolated as they once were and it’s more critical than ever that they be team players and work well with other areas of business. Read IT Pros Need Soft Skills Too.

According to Computerworld’s Forecast 2016 survey, here are the 10 skills that are tracked to be the ITskills_290X230 MOST in demand.

  1. IT Architecture – The term “IT architect encompasses a wide range of specialists, from enterprise architects to cloud architects. Those most in-demand would have great technical skills, but also a strong business sense so that they can communicate well with executives and C-suite individuals.
  2. Programming/Application Development – These skills continue to be some of the most sought after skills. Companies are willing to pay a premium for experienced people with proven skills.
  3. Project Management – Strong project managers who have both business and IT skills and solid experience managing complex initiatives continue to be in high demand.
  4. Big Data – There’s been significant interest in Big Data and companies have a need to sift through all of that data. There is a growing need for professionals who can help organizations figure out exactly how to get meaningful numbers and useful information from large volumes of data.
  5. Business Intelligence/Analytics – Demand for IT pros with these skills is particularly strong in healthcare, insurance, financial services and retail – where use of BI and analytics is more mature than it is in other sectors.
  6. Help Desk/Technical Support – With companies adopting an increasing number of complex systems and devices, it’s more important than ever that they have the necessary expertise in a tech support role. Hiring managers often look for pros with a well-rounded education/background, as well as excellent customer service skills.
  7. Database Administration – Employers are keenly interested in professionals with strong backgrounds in database administration and a deep understanding of data reporting tools and technologies, such as Oracle, SQL, DB2 and Hadoop.
  8. Security/Compliance/Governance – Security pros are in extremely high demand and can command fairly high salaries. 50% of IT pros who participated in Computerworld’s Forecast 2016 said they plan to increase spending on security technologies in the next 12 months and security was #2 among the most important IT projects that respondents had underway.
  9. Cloud/SaaS –Trends show that companies will continue to invest in the cloud and cloud related skills will continue to be a top commodity.
  10. Web Development – Companies continue to invest in their websites, so they continue to need skilled designers and developers. Developers with Java and .Net programming skills are most in demand.

IT is an ever-changing field and it is important to not only keep your skills sharp, but stay in tune with changes and trends and do your best to stay out in front of them. In any case, right now is a good time to be in the IT profession!

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