The Best Ways to Reach Your Omnichannel Shoppers

There’s a reason that omnichannel strategies are more of a norm than an exception these days. Simply put, they are the most valuable. According to an exclusive survey report from Oracle Corporation, more than 45% of retail executives report that omnichannel shoppers are 11% to 50% more valuable. Why is this? Is has to do with the frequency of their shopping trips, the total value of their purchases and their average basket size.

Retailers today understand that in order to improve the customer experience, they must BE where theirchannels for customers shoppers are and offer a cohesive experience across all channels. The company website remains the most-used method for communicating with shoppers – followed closely by email. The popularity of QR codes seems to be falling and location-based strategies are on the rise.

Analytics are the key to understanding your audience and truly evaluating which channels and strategies are working. Collecting the data is one thing, but making sense of it is yet another. According to the Oracle survey report, “We have the data but we don’t know what to do with it,” continues to be a popular mantra with retail execs these days. There’s a lot of insight in that data, be sure you are not missing out on it. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions that make data analytics accessible and affordable – even for the smaller and medium-size retailers.

With our extensive experience in delivering retail success, CREDO can work with your organization to fully integrate and evaluate all of your channels and truly provide a consistent customer experience.



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