Still Unsure About Your Mobile Retail Strategy?

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The impact of mobile on the retail shopping experience continues to grow. According to’s 2014 State of Retail Online: Key Metrics and Initiatives Study, more than one half of retailers surveyed had mobile noted as a key initiative.

The continued advancements in mobile technology have created a revolution in the retail world; however for the majority of retailers, a comprehensive mobile strategy is still a work in progress.

The design and fulfillment of a customer’s wants, needs and overall shopping experience is a complex undertaking that remains elusive for many retailers. Despite the daunting and complex realities involved, mobility is here for the long term and developing a strategy is essential.

Customers are NEVER not online. That is a fact. No matter how you feel about mobile or where you are in the process of developing mobile strategies, you need to consider this and start thinking about ways that it can work to your advantage!

It seems as though this observation strikes fear in the heart of many retailers. It shouldn’t. Your omni-channel experience may not be as sophisticated as others and you will need to develop a strategy, but rather than allow it to paralyze you with fear, consider the many possibilities.

If you are unsure about the strategic role that mobile should play in your customer’s overall experience or if you want to ensure that your strategy is well executed, our retail delivery assurance experts can help.

Let us help you plan your next steps and make the most of today’s retail technology! Contact us today!


Greg Bair
President, CREDO

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