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For today’s retailers, keeping up with the evolving customer is no small feat. They are online, in stores, increasingly diverse, staying connected through various social media channels, price shopping and comparing within seconds. Today’s consumers expect consistently high value, targeted assortments, competitive and well-timed offers, and uninterrupted availability from your brand – whenever and however they shop.

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Oracle Retail empowers retailers to address challenges through innovative and integrated technologies. As a trusted Oracle GOLD Partner, CREDO’s delivery assurance experts KNOW the Oracle Retail product and have over 25 years of experience delivering IT project successes in retail.

Large IT projects represent a significant investment, yet continue to have high failure rates in terms of meeting quality within scope, schedule and budget. This can be crippling to a retailer’s budget and business. Engaging CREDO’s Delivery Assurance methodology at the onset of a project is critical.

Oracle Retail

  • Oracle provides retailers with a complete, open and integrated suite of business applications, server and storage solutions that are engineered to work together to optimize every aspect of their business.
  • 20 of the top 20 retailers worldwide use Oracle solutions to deliver critical insights, improve processes and drive performance.
  • Customer interactions are seamlessly connected across multiple channels and touchpoints.
  • Optimized operations across traditional, mobile, and online commerce channels.
  • Support of expert implementation specialists and worldwide partner ecosystem.
  • 26 Oracle solutions for retail are rated best-in-class by analysts.
  • Oracle’s acquisition of MICROS Systems, Inc. opens up more opportunities for world class service to the retail and hospitality industries.


  • Oracle Gold Partner – We KNOW the product and we ensure project success.
  • Over 25 years’ experience of solid IT project management success in retail
  • Our independent methodology is proven. We will ensure that everyone is working for the cause and we will be accountable.
  • We are agile and cost effective. A small upfront investment mitigates risk and ensures project success.
  • Nationwide clients in all segments of retail: big box department stores, specialty retailers, grocery chains &eCommerce.
  • Specialists in Oracle Retail Merchandising (RMS, formerly Retek), and Point-of-Sale/Service Systems (POS).
  • Specialists in HCM and Financials ERP applications, to include Oracle and PeopleSoft.

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