Signs That it is Time to Partner with an IT Staffing Company

Whether you’re a small to mid-sized business or a large company with your own in-house recruiting team, there will likely come a time when you will need to partner with an IT Staffing Company.  It doesn’t matter if your needs are for a shorter-term projects or for a full-time position, every hire has costs associated with them. According to a recent survey, 49% of employers said they have been negatively affected by a bad hire. A bad hire can be costly and it adversely impacts productivity and morale, just for starters.

And, if you’ve been in the market for a technical candidate recently, you might also know that the competition for high quality IT talent is stiffer than ever. The reality is that the supply cannot keep up with the demand.

There are many benefits of working with a technical staffing firm, but if you’re still not convinced it is the right move, see if any of these signs ring a bell:

1. You Have a Need for Specialized IT Skills

There is a vast range of technical skills that are relevant today and they can be very complex.

Because a technical staffing company is exclusively dedicated to IT, they have experience with various roles & niche skills, stay on top of the latest industry trends, and they have the expertise and resources necessary to effectively recruit and evaluate in-demand talent efficiently.

2. You Need a Deeper Pool of Qualified Candidates

Advertising your open position will only get you so far. Posting your position on job boards can result in dozens – possibly hundreds – of unqualified applicants. Sifting through piles of applicants takes time, energy and resources.

Technical staffing experts have access to a wide range of candidate pools and resources. In addition to networks of active candidates seeking opportunities, experienced recruiters will also tap into their networks of passive candidates. These candidates are often open to new opportunities, but not actively seeking. Furthermore, when you work with an IT staffing company that is dedicated to providing ONLY quality candidates, it allows you the time you need to focus on your other business objectives.

3. Time to Hire – You Need to Move Swiftly 

You understand that recruiting for positions can be a lengthy process. Did you know that hiring for complex IT positions takes even longer? Data shows that it can take 35 days to hire a software engineer and 28.3 days to hire a senior app developer.

You want to be thorough with your hiring, but the longer your hiring process takes, the greater the risk that you will be competing for the best talent with other companies or lose out on the best candidate because they accepted another offer.

An experienced technical staffing team has the deep connections and resources necessary to decrease your time-to-hire, while also increasing the quality of the candidates.

4. You Need Expert Advice

When your sole focus is industry trends, understanding job requirements, building and nurturing pools of candidates, assessing technical skills and working with clients to understand their needs and make their jobs easier, you tend to develop a very specific level of expertise.

If your company is struggling with developing standout job descriptions and finding fully qualified candidates, a full-service technical staffing agency can step up and accelerate your efforts by helping with some of these time-consuming but critical tasks, as well as assisting with the entire hiring process.

At CREDO Technical Staffing, we are building a solid reputation as a trusted partner that KNOWS the industry and delivers high quality IT talent. We are ranked by the Central Penn Business Journal among the top IT Services And fastest growing Dauphin County companies’ lists. We are also proud to be a certified Minority Business Enterprise.

What technical positions can we help you fill?

– Missy

Missy Flexman





Missy Flexman Senior Account Manager, IT Staffing Division

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