Project Delivery Assurance

IT projects often represent a significant investment, yet continue to have high failure rates in terms of meeting scope, schedule & budget. Engaging CREDO’s Project Delivery Assurance experts at the onset of a project assures that resources are aligned, risk is mitigated and objectives are met.

CREDO is an independent IT project consulting practice solely representing the success of the project. We empower the client’s IT project team and are accountable to executive leadership. Our independence assures that the special interests of the project stakeholders – both internal and external – do not compromise the promised deliverables and that the project work is completed responsibly. Our project value assurance model is tactical and quantifiable. We lead and manage to the project milestones.

IT Project Management

CREDO’s leadership developed a proven formula over the last 25 years that mathematically addresses the areas where projects fail. Executing this methodology, we are able to tactically meet goals and objectives and ensure a quality project within scope, schedule and budget.

Our team has extensive experience delivering success in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, government, financial services and higher education industries.

Change Management

The return on the client’s investment depends upon establishing criteria for the project’s IT change management needs before the project begins. Our tactical, decision-centric IT project leaders recognize that without change management, there is a major risk of failure when implementing new business strategies. New technologies and processes impact people everywhere. Organizational changes represent opportunities for company growth and improved processes and efficiencies, but it is critical that a plan is in place to tie everything together in order to effectively maximize the benefits of change.

Quality Assurance

At CREDO we understand the very essence of what makes IT projects so difficult and why they often fall down on delivery. Our approach is both tactical and decision-centric. The ability to successfully manage change and mitigate risks is what enables companies to survive, and ultimately thrive. It is OUR job to ensure that the objectives are met and that the original value promised, is delivered.

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