SaaS Automates Processes, Saves Money and Makes Employees Happier

With the rise of mobility and the need to collaborate easily, cloud computing applications are growing in importance. According to a recent report by GigaOM and CipherCloud, cloud usage is predicted to grow 126.5 percent in the next year. Software as a Service (SaaS) in particular is predicted to grow at almost 200 percent.

As an IT consulting firm with a team experienced in implementing leading edge SaaS products and proprietary SaaS solutions that help organizations reduce costs and increase efficiencies, the predicted growth is great news to CREDO and to me.

Due to its tremendous growth, I often find myself talking about the many benefits of SaaS and this week I’ve found yet another benefit to add the list of reasons why SaaS is so great.
In addition to automating processes and saving money, SaaS can make employees happier!

That’s right. The use of cloud applications for work makes employees happier and more productive on the job, according to a new study by SoftChoice.  The ease of working on a mobile device anywhere and accessing your work anywhere at any time is driving employees to work more efficiently and at the same time is cutting costs for the employers.

Although you might think that the ever-changing onslaught of apps, technology and mobile devices into our personal and professional lives could lead to staff that feel overworked and overwhelmed, the study (Tech Overload is Overblown: Cloud apps and the happiness effect), actually showed that cloud apps in particular can play a key role in solving longstanding frustrations with outdated processes and the sometimes convoluted way we go about things because “that’s the way we have always done it.” These apps can actually enhance the process by simplifying it and therefore make happier employees.

I’m very pleased to be working with some state and county agencies in PA on customized solutions right now and I look forward to talking with employees after implementation to find out for myself if our solutions have a positive impact on employee attitudes!

Credo is a leading innovator in providing SaaS solutions that streamline outdated costly paper-based form processes.  These legacy processes cost organizations millions each year.  Our customizable SaaS solution provides the flexibility to replace your costly inefficient processes.

If you are part of an organization that has field based reps still recording information on paper forms, CONTACT US TODAY to see how our innovative SaaS solutions can help you – 1.866.828.6350


Scott Long Senior Vice President
Public Sector, State & Local Governments

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