Retailers, Your Customers Want Free In-Store WiFi

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Leveraging In-Store WiFi to Delight Customers and Create a Seamless Shopping Experience


If a customer is online AND in your store, you now have so many more ways to reach and influence them! That’s big. First and foremost, free in-store Wi-Fi is a good starting point for growing your omni-channel engagement.


Restaurants, airports and coffee shops/cafes have been doing this for quite a while. Retailers may not have been “pro” free WiFi initially, but many are now seeing the advantages it offers.


According to the  National Retail Federation (NRF), 82% of retailers have already deployed in-store Wi-Fi, and 28% of those report increased customer loyalty since deploying the technology.


The same study also revealed that 34 percent of retailers are planning to update their store level WiFi technologies during 2015. And with good reason! WiFi is a simple way to grow multichannel engagement and improve the overall customer experience.


Many retailers worry that in-store WiFi only encourages showrooming. This is the practice of checking out/trying on/scanning the barcode of a product in a retail location, but simultaneously searching for a better deal on a smartphone – either online or in a nearby location.


Although the idea of showrooming makes some retailers nervous, they might overlooking a BIG opportunity to engage with their customers and go on the offensive. Not only does mobile technology allow retailers the opportunity to collect data and insights on your shoppers, but it offers the ability to serve up incredibly relevant and timely offers.


Don’t forget – in-store WiFi not ONLY benefits the customers. It can help empower the sales force and ultimately improve customer service.


It may not be there yet, but the day will soon come when free in-store WiFi is fundamental for retailers. It plays a key part in the basic structure of developing a mobile retail strategy.


If you are looking for a strategic partner to help you take a look at the big picture and develop an overall strategy for integrating mobile and best multi-channel retail practices, CREDO is a retail partner that delivers!


Greg Bair President, CREDO Technology Solutions

CREDO President Gregory Bair




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  1. Having realized the potential of free in-store WiFi, I was in the process of having my store fully WiFied from some time now and this information couldn’t have come at a better time. I hope CREDO will be able to chalk out a proper strategy to design a fool-proof system of in-store WiFi and other mobile based services for my store. Will be contacting you very soon. Thanks for a little insight into the future.

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