Retail Technology is Evolving. Keep up and ensure project success.

Michele La Fleur CREDO, Business Development Director

Michele La Fleur CREDO, Business Development Director

Due to a variety of channels, touch points, the rapid adoption of different technologies, and the data that is generated, the relationship between customers and retailers is more personalized than ever before.  There are now more opportunities for retailers to interact with their customers in really cool ways. But keeping up with these technologies can put a strain on retailers’ core business models and processes.
Although there are many opportunities for today’s retailers, meeting customer expectations requires reconfiguring back-end operations. Operational technologies may not engage your customers, but they are the foundation for success. Back-end alignment is crucial to bringing together all of the wonderful tools that will help you build the best possible customer experience.

Today’s budgets are tight and closely scrutinized. IT project investments need to drive efficiency & reduce long term costs. Failure is not an option. It is WAY too expensive.

Unfortunately, large scale IT projects still have a high failure rate. About one-third of projects experience cost overruns, and 70 percent have time overruns. This kind of project setback can be crippling to a retailer’s budget and business.

At CREDO, we refuse to accept the statistics on project failure and have spent the last decade putting our expertise to the task by creating a different model. CREDO has a 98% success rate when it comes to completing quality projects within scope, schedule and budget on behalf of our clients.

Ensure project success by engaging CREDO’s delivery assurance methodology at the onset. We are agile and cost effective and we can be more flexible than larger organizations. A small upfront investment mitigates risk and ensures project success.

Brand loyalty and fantastic customer moments come together when you build on a solid foundation. Today’s retail IT initiatives require not only a well thought out integrated plan, but also flawless execution that will deliver business benefits and ROI.

As an Oracle Gold Partner, CREDO has a proven track record of successful leading & delivering retail solutions. We are an independent IT project consulting practice solely representing the success of your retail project. Using our proven methodology, we mitigate risk, align resources and deliver quality projects within scope, schedule & budget.

– Michele

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