Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Joining CREDO Technology Solutions, Inc. – Mergers & Acquisitions

CREDO Technology Solutions, Inc. is interested in acquiring independent IT service companies with good client portfolios, partnering with private equity investors and aligning with word class technology and referral partners. Have you considered joining forces with a larger organization that can help secure your growth? Interested in the idea of  building a premier nationwide Technology Services Partner? Perhaps your ultimate exit strategy includes finding the best new home for your consultants, employees and clients?

As CREDO Technology Solutions, Inc. continues to grow, our goals include: enhancing our capabilities, extending our reach, expanding our talented workforce, and building strong new client relationships. We believe that joining together with like-minded IT services firms will help us achieve all of these goals and much more.

If you deliver similar IT services to the business marketplace, you understand these beliefs:

  • companies are in dire need of high quality IT services to grow their businesses and enable their success
  • attracting talented technical people is difficult and keeping them takes more than just money
  • finding new clients requires not only a good reputation, but dedicated sales and marketing resources
  • Loyalty is built by providing the highest level of client services and maintained through one good experience at a time

Does Your Company Have What it Takes?

  • a focus on providing IT services and support such as project delivery assurance and IT talent acquisition
  • a proactive approach typically including some combination of on-site, remote, and managed services
  • an employee base between 1 and 50 staff members
  • services revenue between $100K to $10M per year
  • a desire to merge with a rapidly growing organization with the management team, staff skills, infrastructure resources and corporate culture to be a long-term industry leader

If you answered yes to these questions, CREDO Technology Solutions, Inc. is interested in learning more about your company so we can start exploring whether or not this opportunity makes sense for both of us. 

What are the Benefits of Joining CREDO?

CREDO Technology Solutions, Inc. offers an opportunity for you, your employees, and your clients to benefit from our combined success. Every employee has an outstanding salary and benefits package. They also have access to a world-class peer support structure and central services group that enhances and improves their workday and their service delivery capabilities.

For the entrepreneurs and owners who join us, we offer not only financial rewards, but the opportunity to both own a piece of, and help drive the achievement of, what we expect to be a hugely successful company. 

We have excellent relationships and resources in our own backyard of central Pennsylvania, as well as throughout the U.S.

Merger or Acquisition?

Our growth strategy is based on mergers and acquisitions and aligning ourselves with key strategic partners. CREDO Technology Solutions, Inc. was formed as the result of a merger of three IT services firms in 2010. Their principals have enjoyed the opportunity to become part of CREDO Technology Solutions, Inc., bringing with them their employees and clients in return for an opportunity to leverage the collective talent of each firm’s employees and client portfolio.

Are You Interested in Learning More?

Fill out the “Join Us” form and a CREDO Technology Solutions representative will contact you within one business day. All inquiries will be strictly confidential.


For More Info Contact:

Jogi Daita


CREDO Technology Solutions, Inc.

(717) 364.6530


Tony Darcangelo

Executive Vice President

CREDO Technology Solutions, Inc.

(717) 657.7017

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