Oracle’s Acquisition of Micros Systems Paves 7-Eleven’s Road to the Retail of the Future

Oracle’s recently announced acquisition of Micros Systems will facilitate an expansion into the retail and hotel sectors that has not been seen before. Micros Systems, an Oracle reseller with expertise in the development and support of internet-connected cash registers and hotel management systems, will add to Oracle’s cadre of cloud based retail abilities. Though not cloud specific, Oracle plans to bring Micros Systems into the business cloud.

This is important. Why? Because Gartner predicts that 2016 will be a definitive year for cloud, with a transformation from private to hybrid cloud. Fewer than 50% of large enterprises are likely to have hybrid deployments by 2017. There’s been a shift in retail purchasing as consumers have begun to increasingly rely on technology for their shopping needs. Retailers that have peak performance times are very enabled by cloud computing, as they can quickly expand capacity when needed. Heavier shopping times and slower shopping times are accommodated without the purchase of any new equipment.

Cloud Fosters Scalability and Reliability

In a cloud-powered development and testing environment, improving the customer experience on a continuous basis is easy because of the transparent integration of applications and services. Accelerating release cycles and accommodating rapid deployments support responsive solutions to dynamic enterprise needs.

Performance, scalability, and reliability of infrastructure, as well as monitoring and security, are easily maintained. A cloud-computing environment is scalable and elastic. VM and storage respond to computing demands, resulting in resource optimization and energy efficiency. Standardizing key technologies, resources, and services greatly enhances this efficiency. Communication throughout departments and projects facilitates IT agility in an environment of continuous and rapid change.

What is application provisioning?

Application provisioning is an infrastructure management tool that enables administrators to create custom application configurations that can be automatically deployed to a variety of enterprise platforms. One advantage is optimization of application performance for diverse environments throughout an organization. Oracle Consulting accelerates application provisioning with Middleware as a Service (MWaaS). Vishal Mehra, Director of Cloud Computing for Oracle Consulting, says “cloud computing is fast becoming the engine for innovation and productivity in the digital age.” Employing Middleware as a Service empowers enterprise IT organizations with the computing environment necessary to keep pace with their organization’s needs. Public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures are supported.

7-Eleven Puts it All Together

The world’s largest convenience store chain,7-Eleven, is harnessing cloud computing based on the Oracle acquisition of Micros Systems and the power and functionality it provides to roll out its powerful Digital Guest Experience program to over 8,000 stores throughout the North American continent. Their technology vision includes new store formats emphasizing both consumer and brand experience. Store formats can change and stores at different locations can emphasize different product selections specifically tailored to local clientele.

With over half a million smartphone apps developed in only three years, this extraordinary retailer began a commitment to advanced retail technology. Initial development areas included guest technology for database and identification, POS data collection, digital coupons, vendor portal, loyalty programs, analytics, gaming and geosensing.

Being the biggest, based on scale alone, is insufficient in maintaining a competitive advantage. The key to success is always to do a better job of selling and offering customers what they are looking for. This means directly relating to them. Social relationships that help bond retailers and customers are becoming more and more digital. Bruce Maples, Chairman of the National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees, envisions communication through technology as the key to 7-Eleven’s future success.

7-Eleven interacts with millions of retail customers daily through point-of-sale terminals, mobile apps and web sites. Essential goals of 7-Eleven’s digital development are downloading digital apps, promoting customer commitment, coupon distribution and digital payments processing. The ultimate goal is to ensure an optimal consumer experience and foster customer loyalty. In this multi-faceted high volume environment, time to deployment for new versions of mission critical solutions is crucial. Oracle’s Enterprise Manager, including the SOA suite, Exadata databases and Exalogic, can now be provisioned in less than 10 minutes.

Ready to Make it Work For You?

Are you ready to improve your consumer and brand experiences? Do you want to harness the power of cloud computing to improve your positioning in the retail space? Credo Technology Solutions is ready to partner with you in the process by providing targeted, solutions-based strategies with seamless implementations. Contact us today to learn more.

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