Oracle Commerce Leverages ATG and Endeca

Since the acquisition of ATG and Endeca over the past few years, the long-term vision of the Oracle Commerce solution has been coming into focus.

 I’ve had the opportunity this week at the National Retail Federation’s BIG Show to learn more about how a well thought out commerce solution can help retailers engage their customers, personalize the buying experience, increase conversions and ultimately ensure ongoing loyalty.

The Oracle Commerce Solution unifies the ATG Web Commerce and Endeca Customer Experience platforms, enabling the online and digital channels across mobile, web devices and even kiosks. Oracle Commerce leverages ATG for creating sites, data and content that drive the customer experience.Once the data and content is defined, the solution leverages Endeca for placement and optimization of the cross-channel customer experiences.

The joint offering provides extensive capabilities in personalization and merchandising, enabling customers to have their online interactions be guided, fully personalized and applicable to their specific objectives.

Oracle Commerce Solutions can help you better engage your customers, make accurate and timely decisions based on customer data, personalize their commerce experience and drive results. It makes every selling interaction relevant to every customer in any context.The technology space in eCommerce can beoverwhelming for retail execs to navigate, but in today’s crowded and competitive landscape it is increasingly important that retailers deliver an engaging, consistent and coordinated customer experience across all channels.

As an Oracle Gold partner, CREDO Technology Solution’s delivery assurance experts have a deep understanding of the Oracle products and can work with your team to align your customer experience strategy and ensure project success. Contact me today to discuss how we can help you ensure the success of your next IT project!




Michele La Fleur CREDO, Business Development Director

Michele La Fleur
Business Development Director, CREDO

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