Omni-Channel Retail: Can You Deliver?


For today’s retailers, keeping up with the evolving consumer is no small feat. They are online, in stores, increasingly diverse, staying connected through various channels, price shopping and making instant comparisons.

The growth of omni-channel shopping can create some significant challenges. Today’s consumers expect consistently high value, targeted assortments, competitive and well-timed offers, and uninterrupted availability from your brand – whenever and however they shop.

According to a 2014 report from SPS Commerce, only 5% of the retail industry has fully executed an Omni-Channel strategy.

To truly leverage all channels simultaneously and ensure omni-channel success, the basic requirements are:

1.       Integrated Operations

2.       Inventory Management and product location throughout the enterprise

3.       Demand forecasting

4.       Replenishment planning

5.       Optimized fulfillment

A strong online presence, an optimized website and cross-channel strategies are great, but if you don’t have the basics to support a consistent overall experience, you won’t meet expectations. Omni-Channel success is a true brand differentiator and does require an investment in technology.

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