PA’s Auditor General is Making it a Priority to Crack Down on Waste in the State Government (and CREDO is helping)

From CREDO’s SVP, Public Sector, State & Local Governments, Scott Long

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale is on a mission to clean up waste within our state government. In light of the state budget crisis, and a review of his first four years in office, DePasquale made headlines this week by sharing the good work that’s been done to make better use of tax dollars by uncovering waste and finding ways to work more efficiently. Watch“State Waste: millions of your dollars uncovered”.

To his credit, DePasquale isn’t just talking about reform, he has led the charge by setting a great example with a complete overhaul of his own office. Since “going mobile and more electronic,” DePasquale boasted that his office alone has saved over 3.3 million sheets of paper.

I recently had the opportunity to share the spotlight with AG DePasquale on Behind the Headlines, to discuss some of the ways that technology is playing a role in the internal reform of state agencies. For example, our team at CREDO Technology Solutions is helping agencies leverage technology to cut waste (and costs) by going paperless and embracing mobility.

Many state agencies are still using paper forms and outdated, inefficient processes. They can realize immediate benefits by putting technology to work for them. With more and more pressure from the Governor and the Auditor General, there is an expectation that public sector agencies make the move toward going paperless. We’ve also noticed an increase in agencies being asked to deliver more with tighter budgets. These are areas where CREDO has a great deal of expertise.

Our Public Sector practice is working with agencies to improve performance and operations by finding efficiencies in people, processes and infrastructure. Solutions that can help:

  • Eliminate redundant processes
  • Reduce the office footprint
  • Ensure security
  • Boost efficiency
  • Decrease the likelihood of errors
  • Save time and money
  • Increase collaboration

As Auditor General DePasquale noted, “It’s about how these departments are run and how we can make them more efficient.”

There are costs associated with waste and inefficiency, and CREDO is here to deliver leading-edge solutions that help agencies improve performance and do it cost-effectively.


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