Job Interview Basics

Mindy’s Top 10 Interview Basics

While face to face job interviews can be fairly intimidating, one of the greatest tips I can give right up front is to be prepared and have fun!

Think about it, if the search has been narrowed down to two very qualifiedFour candidates competing for one position. candidates and one is uptight, fidgety and visibly uncomfortable while the other is relaxed, interested and likeable, who do you think will get the offer?

It’s your job to leave a good impression.

Interview Basics – top 10

  1. Be confident. Make eye contact, know how to sell yourself, speak clearly and confidently, and practice a firm handshake – but not a death grip!
  2. Be prepared. Have some knowledge of the company – don’t wing it – do your research. Know the name of the individual you are interviewing with. Have questions prepared. Bring an extra copy of your resume. Practice your responses to the standard interview questions.
  3. Be considerate. Be on time, if not a few minutes early. Turn your phone off – or better yet, don’t bring it to the interview. Be concise. Share appropriate stories, but respect the interviewers time and don’t ramble.
  4. Be a professional. Avoid gossiping or discussing unflattering opinions about former employers. Remain calm, dress appropriately, watch your body language, don’t overdo it on cologne or perfume and don’t chew gum.
  5. Listen. Although you might prefer to use the entire interview to pitch yourself, remember that you can respond more effectively if you truly listen to what the interviewer has to say about the company, what they are looking for in a candidate, etc.
  6. Know thyself. Assess your own skills. Start with past experience that applies, transferable skills, personality plusses, etc. Create an inventory of your strengths. Truly understanding your own selling points gives you a better foundation for selling yourself and helps to build confidence.
  7. Be honest. If you don’t have experience in a particular area, tell the truth. You can state that you are a quick learner, but being truthful is preferable over misrepresenting yourself.
  8. Show your expertise. Try to incorporate what you know about the organization into your answers or questions. Keep it relevant and be sure to keep in mind what the company is looking for when addressing your previous accomplishments.
  9. Be sincere. Have fun! Smile and show real interest.
  10. Follow up. Be sure to close by stating that you are very interested in the position (providing it is the truth), ask about timeframes and thank them for their time! Follow up with a thank you.

You can read a lot about interviews tips and how best to answer questions, but at the most basic level you need to be prepared. The better prepared you feel, the more likely you are to be well rested and present your most confident, professional and likeable self!

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Mindy Mihajlov, Lead Technical Recruiter

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  1. There is a lot of truth in #6. Just being prepared enough and knowing yourself well enough to count off your strengths does truly build confidence. It is good to be reminded of this!

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