It’s almost 2015. Do you have a strategy for mobility?

The speed at which shoppers have adopted mobile commerce has been nothing short of radical. Just as today’s shoppers need to shop anytime, anywhere, retailers need to be on their Point-of-Service/Mobile in-store experience game to ensure that they don’t lose sight of the significant role that mobile devices play in transforming the overall customer experience.

Mobility Truths:

  • Mobile will continue to disrupt and change retail over the next several years.6868346
  • Mobile sales will surpass online in 2016
  • CIOs regard mobile as a key focus area
  • The October 2015 deadline for the implementation of chip-and-pin technology is approaching (EMV mandate).
  • Retailers not chip-and-pin ready by the deadline will be personally responsible for any fraud committed in their stores.
  • Mobile has the ability to transform the entire retail experience.
  • Not only does mobility and Point-of-Service transform the experience on the customer end, it can equip store associates with incredible real-time information as well.
  • 66.7% of retailers are currently in the midst of a major POS upgrade or will do so over the next two years, according to RIS News.
  • Retail technology never stop evolving

There really is no argument that mobile POS delivers better customer service. Still there are many things to evaluate when considering upgrading or replacing your POS or e-commerce solution.It’s important that retailers think cross-functionally and when making the investment, do so through re-imagining the entire retail value chain. CREDO can help you make the most of your POS investment and leverage the true value of your digital technologies.

I would love to talk with you about what you are planning to do in 2015 to continue enhancing the customer experience. If you plan to attend NRF’s BIG Show in January, let’s set up a time to talk!


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