Inspired for 2015

For CREDO, 2014 was a year of much growth and change. There were challenges as well, but I am grateful for those challenges – as they help us learn! As we kick off this brand new year, I am very pleased to announce that our organization resolutions for 2015 will reflect the CREDO mission and core values, which we took the time to assess and re-establish in 2014.

As partners, collaborators, clients and key contacts, I value our relationship and hope to continue to build on what we have. I truly believe that the communities we build around us determine our success. I appreciate that you share our commitment to ensuring IT project success and hope to hear more from you in 2015!

I would like to take this opportunity to share one of our CREDO success stories – our successful effort to modernize the data center of large , global organization. This project – like all CREDO projects – was a collaborative effort with the client. We work WITH the client as a partner, to understand objectives and the budget, get to know their specific challenges, and build a plan that will effectively address their needs.

Read the case study.

May your 2015 be extraordinary!

Jogi Daita
CEO, CREDO Technology Solutions


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