How Can a Mobile Solution Help Your Organization?

Save money, increase efficiency and eliminate costly paper-based form processes with a mobile solution.

If your organization uses field-based representatives or outdated and costly paper-based forms for reporting/tracking accounts or clients, our easily customized mobile solutions can help streamline your processes, save money and reduce errors.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Employees frustrated by clunky, inefficient and redundant processes
  • Paper reporting followed by electronic input (doing the work twice)
  • Waiting on others to do your job
  • Inability to collaborate quickly on shared projects
  • Human error
  • Lost documentation
  • Lack of resources/budget to develop custom solution from scratch

Our mobile solutions provide the flexibility to replace costly and inefficient processes and still maintain security.

Here is how it works: With an internet connection, the field rep or remote staff person close-up-hands-multitasking-man-using-tablet-laptop-and-cellphone-connecting-wifi-1completes documentation via tablet, iPad or other mobile device, and the information is sent directly to your company database or to in house agents for immediate processing.  No more waiting for paperwork to be entered into the system. Forms are easy to use, allow for upload of photos and other notes/documentation, and even provide GPS tracking to easily pinpoint locations in the field.

Our solutions are affordable and there is no need to replace your existing system. Because the cost is low enough, typical procurement processes may even be eliminated.

Our mobility experts build solutions that focus on functionality, security and uptime, but also ensure that designs are user-friendly and secure. As with every project we touch, we are committed to ensuring the success of your IT project. If you have questions about how this technology can help you solve business problems, I’d be happy to talk with you!

Looking forward,


Scott Long
Senior Vice President
Public Sector, State & Local Governments

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  1. Sounds good to me. Heard about you from one of my friends whom you helped in setting up SaaS solution for his company. He was all praise for your professionalism and wanted me to try your services, as I too was interested in getting the same for our company. Gonna contact you soon in hope of getting a similar experience so that I too can bid adieu to the redundant and outdated methods currently employed in our company.

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