Ensuring IT Project Success

Delivery Assurance Begins With a Separation of Roles & Responsibilities

Today’s businesses must continue to meet the growing & ever-changing needs of their consumers. Investment in IT is essential.

Unfortunately, successful delivery of IT projects are a daunting challenge and system integrators often fail to deliver within scope, schedule & budget.

This results in business frustration, the need to spend significantly more than promised, and ultimately reflects poorly on the product and can lead to project abandonment.

According to a study by the Standish Group, only about 17% of IT projects are considered “fully successful,” another 52% are “challenged” (they didn’t meet budget, quality or time goals) and 30% are “impaired or failed.”

Another report focusing on costs noted that it is common for IT projects to run 200-400% over budget. Coupled with only 25-50% of the benefits being realized, who is going to sign up for that?

Why does this happen? The System Integrator simply cannot play a dual role as project management staff. Project management & system integration are conflicts of interest. A system of checks & balances is crucial to effectively manage risk and truly be an advocate for the client. Ultimately somebody has to be responsible for the success of the quality of the project within scope, schedule and budget.

A proven and tactical project delivery assurance methodology engaged at the onset of a project, rather than when things begin to go off the rails, provides an unbiased view of the project course. Unlike an audit which determines what went wrong after the fact, delivery assurance methodology is proactive, taking in the holistic view from the start, aligning resources, eliminating silos, assessing challenges and complexities, and ensuring a path for success through a consistent formula.

Objectivity is also a key factor in project delivery assurance. System integrators typically have more of a focus on the configuration of the application than they do on the constraints of project management.

Many resources – multiple companies, contractors and business units  – working on a large project without any ONE of them holistically OWNING the project is yet another factor working against objectivity.

The project delivery leadership must be absolutely impartial and solely represent the objectives of the client, which not only includes the successful implementation of the project, but ensures that it is done within scope, schedule & budget.

So often, we (CREDO Technology Solutions) are called in to turn around a failing project once chaos has ensued. Projects are months – even years – behind, millions over budget, the company is in jeopardy and heads have rolled. It does NOT have to be this way.

ANY organization considering a mid to large scale IT project that wants to avoid becoming another IT project failure statistic would be well served to invest in delivery assurance at the front end. It is becoming more and more the norm rather than the exception. And it is just good business when making a sizeable investment to ensure that the promised benefits are delivered on time and within budget.

Gregory Bair is the President of CREDO Technology Solutions. As a partner at CREDO Technology Solutions, Greg heads the Applications Solutions Practice and has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He is responsible for various areas of the practice and specializes in HR, finance and project delivery assurance in various industries, including retail, healthcare, insurance and finance.

Greg is an accomplished strategic advisor and operations manager, highly skilled in assessing current operations and providing solutions that lead to measurable results. Greg holds a BS in Computer Science (Business Information Systems) degree from Shippensburg University.

CREDO Technology Solutions is an IT consulting firm headquartered in Harrisburg, PA with offices in several major cities through the U.S. CREDO has expertise in IT Project Delivery Assurance with a focus in Oracle Retail. CREDO ensures IT project success by providing the best project managers and expert consultants who are committed to completing projects on time and within scope, schedule and budget. CREDO is an Oracle Gold Partner and a Minority Owned Business Enterprise.

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