Digital Business is Driving Big Change and the IT Talent Shortage

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2/3 of companies report that a lack of access to the right talent is holding back their digital strategy.

Now is the time to be proactive and plan for your future needs so that you can be positioned to take advantage of the opportunities, advancements and new innovations necessary for your competitive growth!

Preliminary 2015 research from Gartner, Inc tells us that reliance on temporary IT resources is expected to increase this year due to new and ever-changing business demands.

New technologies like mobile and analytics are growing at an incredible rate and technology continues to outpace the skill sets of available resources. Don’t let a lack of IT talent hold you back!

Being aware of these changes and having a proactive partner like CREDO can help you put the proper strategies in place before the threats are realized.

Don’t gamble with your business continuity. Work with the CREDO Team to determine the specific skill sets and resources you will need for your future initiatives. We want to ensure that your specific business objectives are met and that you have the resources to stay on the path to IT project success. Please reach out to me to discuss your projections for the year so that we can ensure you have the talent you need when you need it!


Jogi Daita, CEO, CREDO Technology Solutions



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  1. Indeed. Technology is advancing so rapidly each day that it really gets difficult to keep pace with it. I was actually looking for a service provider like CREDO who can help me in fulfilling the IT and digital demands of my business and in that process secure the future of my business. I’ll be contacting you very soon to discuss the details of it, Mr. Jogi Daita.
    Thank you.

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