Cut the Clutter and Go Paperless!

Does Your Company Still Depend on Outdated Paper-Based Forms and Processes?

In today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, everyone is trying to find ways to be more efficient, save money, and at the same time improve service to customers/clients. More and more businesses today are moving into the digital age as they begin to realize the benefits outweigh any costs necessary to get them there.

Are you beginning to feel left behind? Going paperless doesn’t have to be as daunting a task as it seems. CREDO Technology Solutions and Go Green Paperless Initiative, LLC have teamed up to help you recognize the many benefits of going paperless through mobile technology. We can work with your organization to introduce easily customized solutions that can immediately transform outdated and redundant processes into more efficient, environmentally friendly and secure processes.

Our solutions allow staff, field reps, etc. to collect info and complete all documentation directly from wherever they are via tablet, iPad or other mobile device. Info is sent directly to your corporate database – completely eliminating any need for re-entry. Our solutions are easy to use and customized for your specific business needs. 

Going paperless via mobile solutions can improve efficiency, reduce the office footprint, save staff time and decrease the likelihood of errors. So, throw away those papers and bear in mind the list of benefits that going mobile can deliver!

Go Green and Reduce Your Organization’s Footprint

By eliminating the need for paper, that means fewer trees have to die. Did you know that producing one ton of copy paper releases 5,690 pound of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere? That’s the equivalent of 6 months of automobile exhaust fumes! Less printing also means less wasted paper and less printer ink.

Save Time

No more duplicating efforts. Enter data once and it is saved where you need it in real-time.  By automating outdated manual processes like data re-entry, which often results in human error, you can eliminate wasted time and concentrate on important business objectives.  No more stacks of paper to search through and no more lost file folders!

Save Money

Not only can you realize significant savings by eliminating a dependency on paper and ink, but there are no costs necessary for replacing existing systems. Our solutions can work with your existing system – they simply streamline it. By making processes more efficient, you also eliminate costs associated with wasted staff time.


Since data is available whenever and wherever you need it, mobile solutions also allow for greater collaboration and flexibility. Today’s workers are more mobile and using mobile devices can provide them the ability to work with – and share – the information they need whenever and wherever!

If you are interested in learning how a mobile solution can help your business quickly realize dramatic labor savings, a reduction in the time it takes to complete a job, and enjoy a more accurate and simplistic process for managing data, let’s talk!


 Dan Siemon

Dan Siemon, Mobile Solutions Expert

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  1. These are all very good reasons to go paperless. My only concern is, what happens when the system goes down? Or if you get hacked? When we depend on technology that much without having hard copies, are we becoming dangerously dependent on it?

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