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There’s a reason that omnichannel strategies are more of a norm than an exception these days. Simply put, they are the most valuable. According to an exclusive survey report from Oracle Corporation, more than 45% of retail executives report that …

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beaconsWhat are Beacons?

Beacons are transmitters that broadcast signals at set intervals so that smart devices in its vicinity are able to detect. Beacons work with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The signals can be received and interpreted by an app

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All businesses at one point or another have to weigh the costs and benefits of retaining anERP upgrade_small ad old ERP system versus the cost/benefit of implementing a new one.

The day-to-day demands of running an organization can sometimes interfere with long-term …

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assortment planning_retail

Listen to Your Customers for Better Decision Making

The Detail of Retail

Many retailers are still trying to make the correlation of social media to their assortment planning.

There is no question – social media provides enough information and data …

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omni_channel_1According to a 2014 report from SPS Commerce, only 5% of the retail industry has fully executed an Omni-Channel strategy. A true omni-channel experience differentiates a brand by providing customers with multiple ways of engaging and a fully connected social …

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