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project management mayhem

Some businesses do not treat project management with the respect it deserves. They don’t provide the resources to effectively manage their projects, they create unrealistic deadlines, and then do not understand why projects fail to meet requirements.

About 56 percent …

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project management mayhemSomewhere along the way our Project Management Team became the “land of misfits”; the place where employees end up because they just don’t quite fit on any other team.  Does management not recognize and appreciate the knowledge, skills and experience

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“The single most important attribute of a great project manager is being able to get things done AND be a great leader. Because if you don’t understand the people side of things, you won’t get things done!” — Greg Bair,

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Avoid these pitfalls to ensure the success of your next project.
When it comes to advice on IT project management, there is plenty to be found. But when you really get down to why it is that projects fail, there …

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