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project management mayhem

Some businesses do not treat project management with the respect it deserves. They don’t provide the resources to effectively manage their projects, they create unrealistic deadlines, and then do not understand why projects fail to meet requirements.

About 56 percent …

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5 tips for getting the right resources in place

When managing a strategic project, an IT team is more than just technical support. The right IT team not only keeps your project on track, but can also propel your business …

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A recovering economy is good news in any industry. An unintended consequence of the economic bounce, however, is the proliferation of new IT initiatives around every corner. While these initiatives offer a great deal of exciting potential, managing the competing …

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Don’t Gamble with Your Business Continuity. Plan Ahead for Major IT Projects.

The year started out strong, but nobody could say with any certainty if it would remain that way. It’s now mid-year and the demand for IT skills is …

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project management mayhemSomewhere along the way our Project Management Team became the “land of misfits”; the place where employees end up because they just don’t quite fit on any other team.  Does management not recognize and appreciate the knowledge, skills and experience

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