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There’s a reason that omnichannel strategies are more of a norm than an exception these days. Simply put, they are the most valuable. According to an exclusive survey report from Oracle Corporation, more than 45% of retail executives report that …

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“Many mergers don’t live up to expectations, because they stumble on the integration of technology and operations. but a well-planned strategy for IT integration can help mergers succeed.” (McKinsey & Company)

Merger & Acquisition (M&A) momentum in 2015 has been …

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A recovering economy is good news in any industry. An unintended consequence of the economic bounce, however, is the proliferation of new IT initiatives around every corner. While these initiatives offer a great deal of exciting potential, managing the competing …

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Don’t Gamble with Your Business Continuity. Plan Ahead for Major IT Projects.

The year started out strong, but nobody could say with any certainty if it would remain that way. It’s now mid-year and the demand for IT skills is …

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in store wifi


Leveraging In-Store WiFi to Delight Customers and Create a Seamless Shopping Experience


If a customer is online AND in your store, you now have so many more ways to reach and influence them! That’s big. First and foremost, free in-store …

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