Build an Outstanding IT Team for your Next Strategic Project

5 tips for getting the right resources in place

When managing a strategic project, an IT team is more than just technical support. The right IT team not only keeps your project on track, but can also propel your business in new directions. This is why it is so critical to staff a team thoughtfully and maximize your professional resources. Here are a few tips for building a high quality IT team.

  1. Find the right technical fit. Perhaps it goes without saying, but it is critical to hire people with leader-flag the right technical skill sets. Many IT pros have different specializations, and it is important that you find people with the skills needed for your specific project. Including someone on the team because they are so-and-so’s family member or friend – not a great idea. Be specific about your project’s IT needs, and if necessary, speak to another independent IT professional about which skills are required for the project. IT staffing firms are fluent in the skills and language of the IT world and they have deep networks. Since staffing firms cover both the active and passive talent market, they can help raise the overall quality level of a new hire. Leveraging this expertise can help you find the right resources for your team.
  2. Hire good communicators. It’s a serious mistake to think of IT professionals as technical drones. Many large-scale projects fail because of a lack of good communication. A strong project manager is a must-have. On a well-organized project, your team’s project manager acts as a liaison with your business, working through problems and identifying solutions. You should look for team members who can work together and who rule their specific areas of expertise. Your project manager must be able to make sure everyone is clear in their role, inspire the team, and manage to expectations.
  3. Find innovators. The best IT professionals not only implement—they innovate. When considering potential staff, ask about their track record on finding inventive or novel solutions to IT problems. Passionate IT professionals can help you implement best practices and stay on the  cutting edge.
  4. Hire people who understand your business. Because the IT team is so essential to any strategic project, the ideal tech pros will have some understanding of business in general, and your business in particular. Look for IT pros with proven experience in your industry, and always check their references.
  5. Think about workflow. When building your IT team, think about the workflow of your project. How can you create a management and oversight structure that ensures efficient and high-quality work? Be open to input from the IT professionals or project manager themselves. Often, they can give you the best sense of how many employees they need and how best to delegate work within the team.

It is possible to build an exceptional IT team without understanding all of the technical details. By investing some time and learning upfront, you can ensure that your business builds a strong IT team.

If you find you do need professional help, either managing an IT project or finding exceptional resources to fill IT positions, CREDO is here. With over 25 years of experience in strategic IT project consulting and IT staffing, we are committed to the success of our clients.

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