Beacons – a Game Changer for Retail

beaconsWhat are Beacons?

Beacons are transmitters that broadcast signals at set intervals so that smart devices in its vicinity are able to detect. Beacons work with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The signals can be received and interpreted by an app on a smartphone. The transmitters are relatively inexpensive. The closer your smartphone is to the transmitter, the more it knows about your exact location and what you’re looking at.


Apple introduced its version of the technology (iBeacon) with iOS7. Since then they have integrated it into 254 Apple retail stores.


This technology is also sometimes referred to as proximity or micro-location marketing.


How Are Beacons Being Used in Retail?

This low-cost, low energy Internet of Things technology has the potential to revolutionize the retail experience.


The Overall Customer Experience – Using this technology, retailers can truly customize the shoppers experience and turn the technology into a virtual shopping assistant. Customers can be greeted when they enter a store, guided throughout the store, and receive additional product information or coupons/offers depending upon where they are in a store. Based on location and time, a store employee could also be sent to engage with the customer. As a customer nears a checkout area, mobile payments can be streamlined.


Big Data/In-Store Analytics – Retailers can collect and measure valuable shopping data, such as display dwelling time, staff engagement, wait time, success of push notifications on sale items, and then tweak their strategies based on the information.


LED Lighting – General Electric and Phillips are introducing LED lights that have Bluetooth LE for beacon technology. Retailers can use these lower-energy lights and it won’t be necessary to purchase stand-alone beacons.


Drive more store traffic – This technology can be very useful in a mall-type environment. While 10-30ft away, customers can receive messages or offers enticing them to enter a store.


Interested in leveraging this technology or wondering how it can be integrated into your omni-channel shopping experience? The retail experts at CREDO can help you reach your audience in new and more relevant ways! Contact us today.


Greg Bair President, CREDO Technology Solutions

Greg Bair
President, CREDO Technology Solutions

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  1. Thanks for the informative post. Actually, we’re running a Chinese restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA and would like to have this Beacons technology in our restaurant so that we can interact and communicate with our customers more effectively through it. Let me know if CREDO Technology Solutions can be of any help in that regard.

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