Beacon Use is on the Rise

While the use of beacons in retail has not increased dramatically, more and more businesses are seeing the outstanding potential to enhance the customer experience. Retailers are beginning to explore use of beacons and according to information from Customer Think, 8% of retailers have already adopted the technology. Adoption is much higher with telecomm companies (23%) and consumer goods brands (18%).

According to Forbes, 59% of consumers carry a mobile device while shopping for groceries. This beaconsis an enormous opportunity for retailers to push relevant messaging to shoppers.

Using beacons, retailers can truly customize the shoppers experience and turn the technology into a virtual shopping assistant. Customers can be greeted when they enter a store, guided throughout the store, and receive additional product information or coupons/offers depending upon where they are in a store. Based on location and time, a store employee could also be sent to engage with the customer. As a customer nears a checkout area, mobile payments can be streamlined.

Experts definitely expect a sharp increase in adoption. As of 2015, the value of sales derived from beacon technology was approximately $4 billion, while the 2016 prediction place this value at over $44 billion. (BI Intelligence Reporting) And considering beacon technology is a relatively low-cost initiative, it could be a real game-changer for small to medium size businesses.

Is beacon technology part of your omnichannel strategy? Chances are it’s only a matter of time!

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