Are You Serious Enough About Your Organization’s Cybersecurity?

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Security & risk are on everyone’s mind regardless of what industry you’re in. Recent well publicized attacks on retailers, tech companies, health care organizations, utilities and even government agencies can affect millions and continue to keep cybersecurity and data security at the top of the priority list.

Not only is the risk of breach a major concern, but organizations are putting cybersecurity teams in place because they know that efforts to prevent a breach are simply not enough. They must be prepared for how to protect themselves if, in spite of their best efforts, they do become a victim of a breach. They will need to act quickly, re-secure data, rebuild compromised systems and minimize the damage.

Data breaches like the one Target was hit with last December demonstrate how a cyber-attack can turn into a full-blown corporate crisis. As a result to its point-of-sale (POS) system, Target’s CEO and CIO resigned, profits fell 46%, law suits were filed and Standard & Poor’s downgraded Target’s credit rating. The costs of dealing with the emergency were about $61 million.

Unfortunately, criminals are determined and more sophisticated than ever before. Author of Once More unto the Breach Andrea Simmons warns that too many people still try and pretend that they can take the do it yourself philosophy. According to Simmons, “The criminals are better funded and faster to the chase than we are to the kill.”

Experts recommend that it is beyond time for organizations to shift from reactive to proactive strategies. Strategies that will allow the team to understand a threat before actual damage can be done. Big data has considerable value beyond just enhancing the customer’s experience. By applying predictive and behavioral analytics and constant monitoring of behavior, organizations can evaluate threat potentials, detect likely attacks and gather more intelligence to support their efforts.

Though much attention has been focused on the challenges involved in enhancing IT security efforts, many organizations have still not truly addressed the issue. Today’s threats come in many forms. Organizations need to address all possible vulnerabilities and invest in their own cybersecurity.

Your organization’s IT security calls for attention. It’s time to begin having some important conversations. CREDO can work with your team to assess potential threats, align security strategies with your overall business objectives and implement targeted & effective protection where you need it without disruption to operations.



Greg Bair President, CREDO Technology Solutions

 Greg Bair

President, CREDO Technology Solutions

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  1. This is so important. People need to take cyber security very seriously and make sure that their IT departments are being as proactive as possible.

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