A True Omni-Channel Experience is a Brand Differentiator

omni_channel_1According to a 2014 report from SPS Commerce, only 5% of the retail industry has fully executed an Omni-Channel strategy. A true omni-channel experience differentiates a brand by providing customers with multiple ways of engaging and a fully connected social experience.

Mobile is a major driver in helping to create a seamless experience for the customer. By integrating online, in-store, mobile and social channels, retailers can truly build a one-of-a-kind, intimate connection with their shoppers.

Some great examples of omni-channel practices? Price matching, digital receipts, product/purchase sharing, wish list sharing, geo location in or near stores, digital shopping lists, digital coupons, shopper check-in, participation marketing (gamification). Merging in-store and online inventory and in-store pickup are also ways to make the entire journey a seamless one.

Kmart’s now classic “Ship My Pants” promotion prevented losing customer business on out of stock items. The promotion reminded customers that if they couldn’t find what they are looking for in the store, a sales associate could find it for them on Kmart.com and ship it to them for free.

Although more and more retailers are recognizing the tremendous impact of omni-channel, according to a recent survey, 72% of respondents acknowledge that they are struggling to implement a true omni-channel experience.

Furthermore, according to a recent survey from SAP, 86% of marketers believe that omni-channel has raised shopper expectations.

One key to effectively blending your channels is to make sure that your teams are aligned. This may mean reorganization or developing a cross-functional team or task force that is dedicated to and accountable for ensuring an organization-wide approach.

With our extensive experience in delivering retail success, CREDO can work with your organization to fully integrate all of your channels and truly provide a consistent customer experience.


Greg Bair


Greg Bair
President, CREDO

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