5 Reasons Why Failing to Value Project Management Results in Project Mayhem

project management mayhemSomewhere along the way our Project Management Team became the “land of misfits”; the place where employees end up because they just don’t quite fit on any other team.  Does management not recognize and appreciate the knowledge, skills and experience needed to tactically organize and lead a team of resources to successfully implement a project?  Apparently not because they just told me that they are moving Renee over from QA to our team.  Renee?!? Really?!? She has no leadership, management or tactical skills; never had any formal Project Management Training and just doesn’t have the personality that inspires others to follow, nor the self-confidence to hold resources accountable.  Rumor has it that she went to management requesting a “new opportunity” in the organization and since we had an opening on our team from the last guy who “didn’t work out”, they thought they would give Renee a “shot”.  I hope she realizes that around here it is all OJT – on the job training. No formal training for this department.  An email with a link to our project management template repository and a “welcome – team lunch” and you are officially a Project Manager around here.  When is this organization going to wake up and realize that the work we perform as project managers is more than just a bunch of forms we fill-out “just in case there is an project audit”; that all projects that are doomed to fail are doomed to fail right from the start. Good Luck Renee!  Oh yeah, I got to send her an email with the link to our project management template repository and an invite to her welcome team lunch…   

Some businesses don’t treat project management with the respect it deserves. They don’t provide the resources to effectively manage their projects, create unrealistic deadlines, and then do not understand why projects fail to meet requirements. About 56 percent of large IT projects fail to adhere to scope, schedule and budget. When project management is not valued, the results can be mayhem.

  1. Lack of project governance leads projects astray from the company’s vision. Large scale IT projects have a significant impact on business operations. Essential solutions for mission critical functions have to adhere to the business’ requirements, but staying on track requires effective project management. When no one has the ultimate accountability for a project, no one stays on top of whether the project is actually fulfilling business needs.
  2. Project scope goes out of control. Feature creep is a problem even in well managed projects. When project management isn’t valued in the organization, it’s hard to control the scope of a project. Upper management adds in features that aren’t realistic within the stated time frame and budget, leaving teams in a situation where they go over time, over budget, or both.
  3. Inefficient delegation results in poor team management. A good project manager will be able to quickly assess who the right resources for the job are and properly delegate those resources. If strong project management isn’t emphasized in the company culture and practices, the results are longer turnaround times, lower quality deliverables, and other major team management issues.
  4. Missed timelines have long term effects. Large scale IT projects typically revolve around development essential to the business’ success. Competitive businesses have to be agile and adapt quickly to the ever-changing business world. If project management isn’t valued, it’s impossible for businesses to meet their timelines. A missed timeline, especially on mission critical project, can result in loss of sales, poor service, and throws other projects dependent on the solution off track.
  5. Massive project failures may even threaten the company itself. Sometimes projects go so far off the rails and over budget that they could possibly lead the business to shut its doors. Poor project management can result in needing more time and money than the business can feasibly pour into that particular project. If it’s for infrastructure or necessary software for the business to operate, it’s almost impossible to pull the plug on the project until the bitter end.

Don’t become another casualty of a failed project. CREDO Technology Solutions specializes in providing the leadership and the methodologies that lead your strategic initiatives to success.  Whether you have a major initiative on the horizon, or you are in need of new leadership on an existing project, bringing in an objective third party to oversee the project is an effective way to ensure results, and ultimately, project success. Give us a call today at 866.828.6350!

 – Greg


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