5 Reasons To Ditch Paper and Revolutionize Work

Many organizations are under some pressure to decrease waste, do more with less, and increase efficiency.

One rather simple way to accomplish these objectives and revolutionize your business is to leverage technology and eliminate the needRMC-Paperless-Office2 for paper. Here are five key benefits of cutting clutter and going paperless:

  1. Save money and time – Did you know that the average U.S. office worker goes through 10,000 pieces of paper per year? Going paperless not only reduces the need for paper supplies, but also significantly cuts back on printing costs, as well filing/storage space. Not surprisingly, almost 15% of an organization’s revenue is spent creating, managing and distributing paper files. (See more facts about paper use in the workplace). If a company uses field workers, the amount of time involved in manually capturing information, transporting it back to the office, data re-entry, scanning, storage, etc., is all easily replaced. By going mobile, staff can work from wherever, whenever – increasing their flexibility – and allowing them to focus their time and attention on other important tasks. This again saves money by giving employees the tools they need to be more productive and efficient on company time.
  2. Decreased Errors – Paper and forms are always at risk of being damaged or lost. And if remote employees are re-entering data collected on a paper form, there’s also the additional risk of human error or misinterpreting illegible handwriting, etc. Moving workflows, tasks, reports and other data to a digital platform significantly reduces the many hazards that paper processes are prone to. You can also be sure the information will not require re-entry and both the employer and employee have quick and easy access to manage the information.
  3. Heightened Security – Paper forms and processes are at greater risk when unexpected disasters like fire, flood or theft occur. Key documents can be irreplaceable – especially if there is only one copy. Capturing and storing data digitally and ensuring that your data is continually backed up ensures the availability and integrity of your data.
  4. Increased Collaboration – By ditching paper and going digital, employees in the field can work from wherever they are on most devices. They can process or update information immediately and share – giving access to anyone who needs it – to generate reports and make decisions. With the ability to capture and upload information directly from the field, processes that used to take hours or days, can now be completed in real time. Once again this increases productivity and efficiency and empowers employees – ultimately boosting morale.
  5. Improved Service – Conducting business in a flexible & collaborative mobile environment can result in faster responses to customers & clients, and it is a fact that happier, more productive employees provide better service! Being an environmentally responsible organization is also a great brand value that can help to bolster your reputation.

The team at CREDO has been able to help several state agencies and other companies who were struggling to keep up with their outdated processes and are now realizing the benefits of going paperless through mobile technology. Old habits die hard, but if you’re ready to ditch paper, we can help. It’s easier than you think and many solutions can work with your existing systems, so there is no need to replace them or purchase costly software, hardware, servers, etc.

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CREDO Technology Solutions is pleased to be partnering with our affiliate company, Go Green Paperless Initiative, LLC to help clients harness the power of mobility to transform their business.

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