5 Keys To Making A Great Hire

Bad hire? You’re not alone. Two-thirds of American companies say they’ve made hiring mistakes that they wish they could take back. It happens. Unfortunately though, poor hiring decisions result in more than just bruised egos. They are both costly and disruptive.

According to a survey from CareerBuilder, 69 percent of employers reported that bad hires negatively impacted their company’s productivity and employee morale. Some even resulted in legal issues.

41 percent of companies estimate that a bad hire costs more than $25,000, and one in four said it costs more than $50,000.

There are dozens of tips that can help avoid hiring mistakes, but here are five critical points to keep in mind to help you improve your hiring process and build a solid team!

5 Keys to a Great Hirehiring the right fit

  1. Develop a thorough job description and profile of the ideal candidate. Before you can properly assess whether or not someone is the right fit, you need a crystal clear sense of what will be expected of the individual and what skills/qualities you are looking for in the candidate.
  2. Get team buy-in. Put your must-have internal interview team together. Candidates should meet other employees in the department – especially if they will work closely together, but try not to overdo it. Too many people in an interview can be overwhelming. Often a hiring mistake has less to do with a lack of expertise and more to do with just “not being a good fit.” Personality and behavior patterns can play a big part in how well someone does in their role and getting others’ opinions can help provide clarity.
  3. Don’t rush your decision. This is one of the most commonly named reasons companies give for making a bad hire. (“We needed to fill the position quickly.”) Have a process in place to ensure candidates are properly and consistently vetted. Do they truly have the skills and work experience required? Establish ahead of time how best to assess that. Of course, it’s always a good idea to ask targeted/open-ended questions and let them do most of the talking. Have a conversation rather than an inquisition. This is a great way to not only observe personality traits, but it also gives them an opportunity to expound on their experience and potential – making your job easier.
  4. Understand the candidate’s motivations. Are they entertaining other offers? In today’s competitive environment (especially for those of who focus on tech skills), candidates know when their particular skills sets are highly in-demand. If their motivation is purely financial, will they jump ship the moment they get a better offer? Are they motivated by a long-term career path or a flexible schedule? Don’t forget to sell yourself and exactly what your company has to offer. You can’t read their minds, but good communication can help you assess where they are coming from and go from there.
  5. Establish an excellent onboarding process. Candidates often make key decisions about how they feel about/fit into an organization within the first two months. When employees feel engaged, they tend to be much more productive, loyal and successful in their work. Having a process in place to help them get up to speed and receive any necessary coaching early on can help them reach their full potential much sooner.

Keep these tips in mind to improve your hiring practice and avoid the hassle and the expense of a truly bad hire!

Of course, a great IT staffing partner can play an important role in your success as a hiring manager. At CREDO, our dedicated delivery teams have decades of experience in the IT staffing industry and expert-level abilities when it comes to sourcing and recruiting world-class IT talent. We are guided by our 10- point proprietary hiring process, we have a comprehensive approach to candidate outreach, and our candidates are expertly screened to ensure they have the proper skills sets and are a good cultural fit.

We’d love to help you meet your IT staffing objectives and demonstrate our commitment to your success! Contact me to learn more!

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