5 Key Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

First, what is it?

In today’s ever-changing business environment, the IT needs of a company simply can’t be overlooked. staff augStaying current with technology can mean the very survival of the business.

IT staff augmentation allows an organization to add staff with specific skill sets to their team in order to support key initiatives. These resources are employed by a staffing firm, allowing the company to bypass a lot of administrative hassle, and cost-effectively get the specialized expertise they need to meet their objectives efficiently, without committing to a permanent hire.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Cost Effectiveness – Why pay for additional full-time employees if you only need particular knowledge or credentials in order to complete a short-term project? Because a staff augmentation resource is a temporary strategy, the cost of hiring is much more advantageous than engaging a permanent team member. Consider the costs involved in onboarding a new employee – recruiting, posting, salary, taxes, benefits, etc. Staffing firms can help offset these costs. Pricing is simply tied to the hours worked.

Flexibility – When there is no long-term commitment to resources, a company can easily adapt to changing needs by scaling up and down as necessary. When you have the need to supplement your existing team and ramp up to meet a specific demand, staff augmentation allows you to adapt quickly. Having the ability to add a resource with the right background who comes ready to make a contribution, can eliminate a lot of disruption and keep your project on track.

Access to Specialized Expertise – While you may have some great permanent talent on your IT team, they may not have the specific skill sets needed to accomplish your latest objective. Staff augmentation allows you to quickly and efficiently fill your gaps, choosing the very skills you need the most. Furthermore, when you work with a firm that specializes in IT staffing, you can be confident that candidates will be fully vetted and matched by technical recruiters who have a solid understanding of IT positions and the latest technologies.

Ability to Meet Aggressive Deadlines – Success or failure of a business can hinge on the ability to complete an urgent project within scope, schedule & budget. Staff augmentation allows you to act quickly, augment your existing team with highly trained specialists, and still maintain control of the project.

Minimize Administrative Burden – By using an IT staff augmentation firm, companies can minimize the administrative burden and liability that can come with direct hire employees. Most good staffing firms can oversee background checks, payroll, benefits, unemployment, coaching and termination so in house managers and HR don’t have to devote the additional time to administrative concerns. Additionally, it may be a challenge for your internal team to source specific technical expertise as effortlessly as a professional technical staffing firm.

Today’s business environment is highly competitive. When your goals exceed your available resources, CREDO Technical Staffing can get you the world-class IT talent you need to help you fulfill your strategic objectives. Have questions about Staff Augmentation and if it’s the right choice for your business? Let’s talk!

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