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While the use of beacons in retail has not increased dramatically, more and more businesses are seeing the outstanding potential to enhance the customer experience. Retailers are beginning to explore use of beacons and according to information from Customer Think

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Today’s consumer has high expectations. And in a world where the “big boys” set the bar extremely high with new industry standards – throwing around terms like “same day delivery,” or “click and collect” who can blame them?

The majority …

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project management mayhem

Some businesses do not treat project management with the respect it deserves. They don’t provide the resources to effectively manage their projects, they create unrealistic deadlines, and then do not understand why projects fail to meet requirements.

About 56 percent …

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5 tips for getting the right resources in place

When managing a strategic project, an IT team is more than just technical support. The right IT team not only keeps your project on track, but can also propel your business …

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